A retro baby born in 2020 with a serious case of disco fever has emerged from longstanding Melbourne DJ Jade Gormley also known as Miss Jade.
The definition of Wunderkind is child prodigy and with this we see a playful innocence within the colourful happiness of the brand. Mixing a lot of original and remixes of classic soul and disco music. We get to relive the Disco House music of a time where positivity and melody were celebrated through song, dance and freedom of expression.
With a retro vibe in look and music you can expect to be bopping away in your chair, dancing on the dance floor or singing along anywhere you are just because you can’t help but be in the groove when Wunderkind brings the tunes.

special guest

Each week we will have a special disco house DJ
They will be cheeky, they will be funky. they will drop the bass.

disco casanova

Disco Casanova is one of Melbourne’s well respected DJs and someone you have probably already danced to many times without even knowing.
A veteran of Melbourne bars and clubs, Disco Casanova has played everywhere from epic festivals such as Sensation NYE, Kiss My Grass, to the busy clubs such as Room680, Palace, Wah Wah, and has played at local bars such as the Richmond Club Hotel, Bridge Hotel, Terminus, and The Deck.
With a huge variety of tunes and a chameleon-like ability to move any crowd, he always brings the disco vibes and leaves his crowds wanting more.

Conditions for the Chandon promotion:

  • You and your group must be downstairs for at least 1 hour before the bottle is handed over.
  • You must tell the bartender downstairs that you are a group of 6 or more and you are interested in the Chandon bottle promotion. Once you do that, your 1 hour timer begins.
  • RSA applies.