No dickhead policy

We have zero tolerance for aggressiveness. No member of staff should be subjected to violence, threatening and/or abusive behaviour. We will be quick to ask you to leave if we feel you are disrespecting our staff or disturbing other patrons.

We appreciate all patronage. However, we will not tolerate negative vibes. The no dickhead policy is self explanatory. We want everyone to enjoy their experience at The Noble Experiment and we want everyone to feel comfortable. People who are too loud, boisterous, aggressive or who are harassing other patrons will be asked to leave the venue and banned for life. Whilst we understand we can all get a little loud when we’re out drinking with friends and we might curse a little here and there, but come on guys, there is a limit. We expect everyone to maintain a reasonable level of noise and a minimal level of cursing. We have a business to run and a reputation to uphold. Please don’t put us in the position where we have to throw you out. No one wins in that situation.

One off event/party booking policy

We thank you so much for considering to book some space with us! This section is for birthdays, weddings, corporate gatherings, networking events and other one off events. Whilst we do not charge any fees for our space, we do require a deposit to secure the space for your one off event. This deposit will go towards your tab and must be used on the night.

  • All deposits are non refundable and must be used on the night.
  • All deposits are non transferable and non refundable within 7 days of your event date (unless government restrictions has interfered).
  • We require a deposit of $100 for all bookings with over 10 guests
  • We require a deposit of $250 for all bookings with over 20 guests.
  • We require a deposit of $500 for all bookings with over 30 guests.
  • We require a deposit of $1000 if would like to have the entire mezzanine space to yourself irrespective of how many guests you have.
  • Depending on your guest numbers for your booking, you may have the mezzanine exclusively for a minimum of 2 hours. We may then section you off after 2 hours. This really depends on venue numbers, your guest numbers, and COVID restrictions.
  • For any security deposits made to secure your event in the club, the monies will be returned to you after your event has taken place and once we inspect the club.

Regular weekly booking policy

For any organisations wishing to use our venue on an ongoing, weekly basis will be charged a fee of $500 to use our space. This fee covers staff, electricity, gas, water, general use items and cleaning costs.

COVID-19 restrictions & lockdowns

There are no refunds on deposits when we are put in lockdown or have venue restriction in place. If the government has placed a lockdown or venue capacity restriction, your deposit will be placed on hold. We will work with you to find a suitable date in the future to hold your event after the restrictions have lifted.

House Music Fridays

Conditions for the Chandon promotion:

  • You and your group must be downstairs for at least 1 hour before the bottle is handed over.
  • You must tell the bartender downstairs that you are a group of 6 or more and you are interested in the Chandon bottle promotion. Once you do that, your 1 hour timer begins.
  • RSA applies.

Ticketed Events

Strictly no refunds on tickets for ticketed events.