Mario Kart 64

Every Tuesday it’s time to break out your drifting skills for we are going to SMASHIMG SOME MARIO KART YO!

Single Elimination. League: Round Robin (3 matches against each player) with top 2 advancing to championship.

Disco House Fridays

Disco house every Friday in our basement party room with music producer Miss Jade as Wunderkind & Disco Casanova taking you through 10pm ’til 3am.

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Saturday Live Music

Supporting local artists who support our bars. It’s a beautiful relationship. Come down for a pint or two, some delicious food and listen to the sounds of Melbourne artists. 3pm-7pm.

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Totally 80s party

Back in the day when we partied like it was 1999. It was way back when before the era of Facebook, iPhones, and hipsters. It was a time when we had blue light disco for parties, Pac-Man for entertainment, Datsun 180-b for transport and Axle Foley for laughs.. Those were the days. Let’s bring ’em back!

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